Logistics in conversation…

 I have decided to drop the turmeric – 1. because this is fresh and exciting for me personally 2. I was already struggling with the idea that turmeric was ‘old’ – something I’d done before, 4. logistically its a nightmare with install time 5. it would be too much to do both:
– the daily ‘performances/activities/situation/task/workshop’ (can’t work out what to call them) – between 1-2 on all four days. Oliver  has agreed to film on fri, sat and sun. And I’ll doing audio recordings on all four days.
– i thought with the paper documentation I could either do a wall installation where the originals get pinned up so you can see them all- see if there is a rhythm/pattern that emerges, or if it deteriorates etc. I had a good squiz at some Fluxus things as well and its seems publications, programs and paper traces were pretty important and thats something possibly to consider. I thought I should do up a little program flyer anyway, but this wall installation could be structured a little like that as well ie day 1: …. day 2:…. etc. Alternatively I thought it would be cool to compile each days paper documents into like a hand made ‘zine’…
– audio documentation (once I master audacity…) – part of this idea was influenced by Wooster Group, with their production ‘Brace Up!’ they filmed rehearsals, and all the performances (sometimes 10yrs apart) – with their video production all this footage is compiled together which I guess (apart from making it really hard to tell whats going on live and recorded, and whats going on in general) compresses the time/space frames  – transposes each experience on top of each other. It was kind of what gave me the idea of to have everyone performing tasks at the same time. But I thought the audio – sound installation – could operate in a similar way. At the end of each day I could add in the new audio to the existing track. That way the repeated audience of (like that of the repeated participant) would also experience the accumulation and growth that this situations produces (which in a way also masks out other things causes a loss…).
– the final thing that I though might be cool to do as well – is after the last ‘performance’ on the sunday – to hold a post-performance de-brief. It worked really well last time – and the other participants always bring new questions and considerations to the floor. It would in a way be a group artist talk.
oh! I thought it would also be a good idea to have an ‘instruction’ panel – so if people walk in late they can just join in the performance without me having to stop and explain what to do.


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