”Without a copy, live performance plunges into visibility – in a manically charged present – and disappears into memory, into the realm of invisibility and the unconscious” – Peggy Phelan

This blog started as a way to bridge the two sides of my honours year: the thesis investigating the ‘live’ and the ‘recorded’ in contemporary art experiences; and the practical, which consists of an inter-disciplinary and performative approach to installation practices. My own anxiety with ‘accurately’ documenting my art practice was the basis of my exploration into live art and its documentation.

This blog grew as a way to note down things I thought about, things I saw, reflections, experiments, conversations and the like – a way of making public the processes that have gone on within my practice across the year.


Boni Cairncross graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2011 with First Class Honours, under the supervision of Lucas Ihlein. Her current work and process can viewed here.


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